Electric Home is also a main player in the retail lighting sector, and currently has six retail lighting showrooms in Three Middle Eastern Cities (Dubai, Sharjah and Jordan).

Electric Home’s showrooms are the showcase of the company. It helps the customers and designers to choose the right products. Our Showrooms has good space displaying its products from the following lighting companies.

  • Asfour Crystal - Chandeliers, Lighting collections, Crystal Parts and Crystal Gifts. (Egypt)
  • Osram – Lamps, Tubes & Electronic Transformer (Germany)
  • Venture lighting – Lamps & Contr.Gear, Flood lights (USA)
  • Panasonic – Wiring Devices, (Japan)
  • E-Lite –Down Lights & Led Lighting (Italy)
  • Lanzini –Lighting Fixtures (Italy)
  • Jet – Heavy duty Exhaust fan. (India)
  • Airam - Dichroic halogen lamps & LED lighting (China)
  • Zalux –Weatherproof luminaires (Spain).

Our aim is to always bring in the latest trends in lighting, and to keep changing the selections we display, while catering to all budgets and requirements.

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